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Everyday's view.

Untrained personnel may use the menu until they memorize the keyboard shortcuts.

The article menu. All the items are available via keyboard shortcut.

Same procedure in english. Please do not complain about the weird characters in some places: These are things you have to set up individually for the restaurant anyway — restaurant's menu and waiter names e.g.

Another english localisation screenshot.

Photos from Hotel & Restaurant Waldschlößchen Schierke

Jenny uses TkKasse in her everyday work as a waiter at Waldschlößchen Schierke.
Notice the standard PC keyboard and TFT without touchscreen: TkKasse can easily be used without special hardware.

Order and waiter bills.

A standard bill for the guest. Graphical logos can be printed, too.

Photos from Hotel and Waldgasthaus Drei Annen

This installation isn't complete yet. Please be patient.