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TkKasse is a Point-of-Sale (POS) software, which can be used with off-the-shelf computers. It was designed especially to meet the needs of restaurants — With TkKasse, waiters can manage all the orders on-screen. It's easy to keep track of many guest orders at the same time. Printed receipts will make it easier for bar and kitchen staff to keep track of the orders, too.

You can use TkKasse at more than one cash desk at the same time. As all data is stored on a server at your site, it is possible for waiters to switch between cash desks anytime. Second, only the server computer has to be protected against data-loss e.g. no data is lost if a cash desk blackouts. By these means, a very cheap but safe setup, even for bigger installations, is possible.

TkKasse has very little needs on hardware, too. Aside from POS printers no special hardware is required — no touch screens, no special keyboards, no cash drawers — even the POS printer is not a must-have. On the contrary you can use each of these special compentents if you feel the need for them.


Yet Implemented

and all the other things you expect of an computerized cash desk.

Planned or in Development

Your ideas for improvements and extensions are very welcome!

System Requirements


Supported, but not required


TkKasse is free software, free like in “free speech”. You may use TkKasse on any number of computers and under any circumstances covered by the GNU General Public License (GPL), Version 2. The source code is available and free, allowing you to change it yourself or let it change by some person or company of your choice, if this is ever needed.


TkKasse is already running for more than a year at Hotel und Restaurant Waldschlößchen Schierke (Harz Mountains/Germany). A second installation at Hotel und Waldgasthaus Drei Annen (Harz Mountains/Germany) has been started. In the meantime, a third installation at Gasthaus zur Romantischen Straße is done.

Here are some photos from the installation in Schierke.

Starting in spring 2006 stand alone cash desks running TkKasse and some additional software for electronic drink taps will be sold in Europe.


Installation und Configuration

The package TkKasse-Server contains the installation manual which covers the matching version of TkKasse. An online version of the installation manual is available here.

User Manual

The user manual isn't written yet.


For now, only packages for SuSE-Linux are released. For Debian packages, I need persons who know about Debian packaging and init script to assist me.

Most Recent (2.5) Release

In addition, for SuSE, you need the following packages made from software of other projects:

Please visit both projects' web sites to get their original packages and sources.


I've got problems with TkKasse I cannot solve myself. Whom should I ask for help?
Make use of the customer service! Questions regarding TkKasse asked via Email are free of charge.
I want to use TkKasse on x cash desks. How much does it cost?
You may use TkKasse on any number of cash desks free of charge. Your total cost for using TkKasse will purely consist of hardware costs and maintenance costs. With little afford, you trained staff can perform many TkKasse adminstration tasks alone. If you are looking for further help, make use of the TkKasse customer service.


TkKasse is free software. You don't have to register, but you should.. The Information you provide will help to improve TkKasse a way you like it to be. Additionally, we can keep track of the branches of Tkkasse used by someone, and these branches will be kept under development.

To register yourself as a TkKasse user, please write an email with the subject “TkKasse/Registrierung” to Jan Kandziora <>. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.


You may contact me via email: Jan Kandziora <> for now. This is the proper place for giving feature requests and bug reports, too.

Customer Service

I do also customer service for TkKasse

	Dipl. Ing. (FH) Jan Kandziora
	Triftstraße 12
	38644 Goslar
	Email: Jan Kandziora <>

More customer service partners are needed. Please contact the author if you like to provide service for TkKasse in your area!